WOLFMAN.ONE & Booster.ai, Buenos Aires

booster-logoNew in the portfolio – Booster.ai. Booster is an artificially intelligent weather predictor, founded in 2014 in Argentina and backed by SOSV Venture Capital Fund (Princeton, NJ)(see also FOOD X – Food Innovation Accelerator in the World Booster has built a weather forecast model from scratch powered by the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, which generates extremely accurate weather predictions just by analyzing data from the past.  Weather variability affects $3 Trillion worth of economic activity in the U.S. each year. Traditional meteorology requires enormous quantities of data, and involves high costs.  Booster has created a proprietary meteorological model using AI and machine learning to build predictions based on decades of historical weather data. With the help of machine learning and advanced neural networks, Booster’s weather predictions match or exceed the most accurate data on the market, at 1/100th of the cost. Booster is bringing the first true innovation to weather prediction in more than 70 years.


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